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SPECTRAN V5 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Series (10th July 2015)


SPECTRAN V5 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Series - Available soon



Further Information about the upcoming V5 series can be found in our Forum


If you are interested in the SPECTRAN V5 please send an email to





Antenna Review (01st July 2015)


Review: The Aaronia BicoLOG 30100X and HyperLOG 7060 EMI antennas



An interesting Review about the Aaronia BicoLOG30100X and HyperLOG 7060 can be found here.




RF / EMC Camera System (19. Feb. 2015)


World's first RF / EMC Camera System


Aaronia presents the world's first RF / EMC “camera system”, the SPECTRAN RF VIEW.

The system consists of a complex measurement unit at each "pixel". Each unit consists of a Spectrum Analyzer from the SPECTRAN RSA series and connected isotropic broadband antenna which are all connected via network to a central server.

The antennas are arranged in equal distance in an X / Y grid. The measurement data (amplitude and/or frequency) are visualized as a "chessboard-display". Each field of the chessboard represents a measurement unit.

An RF camera with 8x8 points (64 pixels resolution) requires 64 measurement units that way.
This resolution seems to be rather small but already allows amazingly detailed measurements of antenna spreading characteristics or the graphical classification of radiated emissions during an EMC test.

The SPECTRAN RF VIEW saves considerable measurement time and allows very detailed information on the spreading patterns of emissions. The system can be extended to any size in order to reach much higher resolutions and is already successfully in use for research purpose and product evaluation of a leading telecommunications provider.

The system price is, despite the massive hardware insert, amazingly low. A 32 pixel system with 6GHz range is already available for less than € 100,000. Versions with up to 20GHz bandwidth will also be available against higher charge.

A real-time version, based on the latest SPECTRAN® V5 real time spectrum analyzer generation, is scheduled for 2015.

The next evaluation step is the extension to a 3D camera system (additional Z-axis) to obtain more complex information.


If you are interested in the SPECTRAN RF VIEW, please send an email to



NEW Magnetic Tracking Antenna Series "MDF" (07. Jan. 2015)


New Aaronia Antenna series "MDF" (9kHz - 400MHz) .


The MDF is a Magnetic Tracking Antenna and Field Strength Test Antenna, available in 5 different versions, covering max. 9kHz to 400MHz.

This Broadband Magnetic Antennas can be used for signal tracking and field strength measurements and fit to almost any Spectrum Analyzer.


If you are interested in the MDF, please send an email to


Further information, technical data and prices can be found in our 

Online Shop




Impressions from the EMC/China (22. - 31. October 2014, Shanghai)

Visit Aaronia during the Electronica 2014 in Munich / Germany (11. - 14.11.2014)

Come to Munich and visit Aaronia AG at the Electronica 2014


Come and see a LIVE demonstration of our novelties:





New Horn Antenna Series "PowerLOG" (17.07.2014)

Aaronia presents the new Horn Antenna Series PowerLOG (700MHz - 18GHz)


The new, double ridged Horn Antennas offer a very high max. input level of up to 500W (peak) and a high gain of up to 17dBi.



Further information & direct order at our






OmniLOG 30800 - 300MHz to 8GHz (23. June 2014)


Available now: 

OmniLOG 30800 - Ultra Broadband Antenna


The OmniLOG 30800 is the extended version of the OmniLOG 70600 and now covers an extremely broad frequency range of 300MHz to 8GHz


Further information & direct order at our





Aaronia GPS Logger (20. May 2014)


Available now: 

Aaronia GPS Logger incl. Gyro/Tilt Sensor, Compass, Accelerometer, USB, µSD


Further information & direct order at our





NEW: SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO - Ultra rugged Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer (07.03.2014)

Check out the new ultra rugged Spectrum Analyzer SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO.


The XFR PRO is the world´s most rugged Spectrum Analyzer with incredible Hardware Spec´s.


More details HERE


New Shielding Fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA (03. Dec. 2013)


High performance shielding fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA.

Comparable to the conventional Aaronia Shield, but with a higher damping factor of up to 70dB and non-oxidizing.

Perfect for shielding of window surfaces indoors and even outdoors.

Can be used ideal for construction of EMC test chambers or bug-proof conference rooms due to the extremely high damping factor. We recommend the use in combination with the shielding fleece Aaronia X-Dream.


More Information can be found



If you are interested in the Aaronia Shield Ultra, please send an email to



NEW OmniLOG 70600 Antenna (22. Nov. 2013)


The OmniLOG Antenna Series will soon be extended with the OmniLOG 70600 (680MHz - 6GHz) .


This new, omnidirectional Antenna works up to 6GHz, instead "only" 2,5GHz like the established OmniLOG 90200.


If you are interested in the OmniLOG 70600, please send an email to


Further information can be found in the




NEW: IsoLOG 3D (21. Nov. 2013)


Isotropic RF Tracking Antenna "IsoLOG 3D" coming soon!


Our new IsoLOG 3D will soon be available.

It includes a high density LPDA sector array (A total of at least 16 HyperLOG 60180 antennas, 8 for horizontal and 8 for vertical polarization, each antenna covering a complete 45 degrees sector) in a water protected radom (perfect for car or roof mounting) offering a perfect isotropic 360 degrees RF tracking with super high sensitivity.


More Information can be found in our



Also have a look at the

Press Article (German)

If you are interested in the IsoLOG, please send an email to



Impressions from the EUMW 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany (07. Nov. 2013)

Impressions from the EMC 2013 - Shanghai, China (25. Oct. 2013)

New stainless steel shielding material Aaronia Mesh (04. July 2013)


Aaronia presents the new Shielding material Aaronia mesh, made of high-tech stainless steel fibers.


Ideal for industrial applications as well as for military, research and development. Aaronia mesh has been specially designed for use under extreme conditions (salt air, extreme temperatures, vacuum, etc.).


Further information can be found



If you are interested in the Aaronia Mesh, please send an email to


User Feedback of Aaronia MCS Software (19. June 2013)


A User Review to the Aaronia MCS Software can be found at:



More Information & Download Link for the MCS Software:

Aaronia MCS



NEW Magnetic Tracking Antenna MagnoTRACKER (15. June 2013)

Magnetic Antenna  "MagnoTRACKER" (1Hz-1MHz) coming soon


A lot of customers have problems detecting and pin pointing signals in the low frequency range from 1Hz to 1MHz. They want ONE! small antenna with high gain to cover the FULL frequency range. The antenna should also offer a high directivity to pin point the signal(s).

Till today such an antenna simply did not exist. Aaronia soon offers world´s first patent pending magnetic antenna "MagnoTRACKER", combining all those features.


Further information can be found



If you are interested in the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER, please send an email to



New low frequency Amplifiers / UBBV Series extended (07. March 2013)


Aaronia presents 2 new, low frequency amplifiers from 1Hz up to 30/60MHz with 25dB and 35dB gain:


- UBBV-NF-25 (1Hz - 60MHz, 25dB)

- UBBV-NF-35 (1Hz - 35MHz, 35dB)


If you are interested in the UBBV NF series please send an email to



Impressions from the EMV 2013 Stuttgart, Germany (05. March 2013)


Thank you for visiting our booth at the EMV 2013 in Stuttgart!

Impressions of the exhibition can be found at:


Visit us again in 2014 on the EMV Fair in Dusseldorf (11 - 03/13/2014).



Electronica 2012 / Analog Devices (15. Nov. 2012)

Remote controllable Spectrum Analyzer SPECTRAN RSA (28. Feb. 2012)


Aaronia presents the new SPECTRAN RSA Series, the remote controllable 19" Rack-Mount Spectrum Analyzer


- SPECTRAN NF RSA 5000 (1Hz - 1MHz)

- SPECTRAN HF RSA 6000 (10MHz - 6GHz)

- SPECTRAN HF RSA 9000 (1MHz - 9,4GHz)


Here you can find the Press Release


If you are interested in the SPECTRAN RSA, please send an email to



Short introduction SPECTRAN Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (06. Dec. 2010)